Friday, 7 August 2015

Hobbycraft's '5 in 1 Paper Trimmer' Review

I bought this paper trimmer a month ago as our guillotine had broken long ago and I had just started crafting with paper eg. the fridge magnets in my previous post.  I've used it several times and been really impressed, so thought I'd write this review for others.  

I paid £30 from the Eastbourne Hobbycraft shop.

A4 Paper Size
4 Cutting Styles
Built in Corner Cutter
3 Sheet Cutting Capacity

It also comes with a replacement cutting mat for when the blade does not cut cleanly any more.  There are 4 sides to the cutting mat, so you can either rotate or flip the mat over to a new cutting surface when it becomes worn.  When all 4 sides are worn, the replacement is fitted neatly underneath the trimmer.  I think this is
The trimmer is a nice size for me, which is another reason I bought it.  It's not too big and cumbersome, but big enough to hold the paper.  It also has a flip out extending plate, if the paper is longer than the trimmer.  

The measurements of the trimmer are:-

460mm length, (cutting length 320mm) 
width 220mm 
90mm height.  

It's not too heavy either, weighing only 0.94kg.  

Cutting Styles
The cutting head operates via rotary trimmers on a guide rail, which then enables more than 1 cutting style.  To change the style, you flip up the cover of the cutting head and select which style you want by rotating the head clockwise until the desired cut shows.  To cut, you press this cutting head down firmly whilst sliding from one end to the other.  

The cutting styles are:-
Straight (normal) Can cut up to 5 sheets at a time.
Perforated ------- Useful when needing a tear-off section.  Can cut up to 3 sheets.
Wave   - Very useful when scrapbooking or crafting.  Can cut up to 3 sheets.
Score   - To imprint a fold line on the paper.  

Wave and Score
The Round Corner Cutter
The trimmer has a round corner cutter on the side of it.  To use, you simply insert the paper and press down.  Easy and effective. The base of the cutter slides open to empty the paper trimmings into the bin.

I would recommend this trimmer, as I think it is a quality product for a good price.  I have found it to be easy to use and all that I need a paper cutter to be.  

However, it is not a guillotine and is only able to cut paper, not card.  It is not suitable for A3 size paper.  The round cutter can only cut 1 sheet at a time.  

 I hope this is useful.  Please share if you have any comments about your Hobbycraft Paper Trimmer and what you can make with it. :-)